Foreword by Sir Dominick Chilcott KCMG, the British Ambassador to Turkey

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Dm -3 HMA Dominick Chilcott CROPIt is a great pleasure to contribute a foreword to this important guide to doing business in Turkey.  As a relative newcomer to the Turkey of today, I am struck by the sophistication and scale of the market compared to my first experience of living in the country in the 1980s – now some three decades in the past! 

The political and trading relationships between the UK and Turkey have also undergone a similarly impressive transformation. I believe the fundamental conditions are now in place for doing business successfully in Turkey.   

Turkey offers valuable opportunities for UK companies.  The Government of Turkey continues to make significant investments in a wide range of infrastructure projects (from nuclear power to road and rail). The economy is open to participation by the private sector in many of the principal sectors of economic activity.

I would encourage anyone considering the Turkish market to use this guide, as part of their preparations, and, of course, to follow that up with detailed research (my DIT team and the BCCT will be happy to help).  Having said that, businesses still need to visit the market early on in their preparations and maintain regular contact with their potential partners and customers as their plans mature.  Personal relationships (as our recent experience has ably demonstrated) matter in Turkey and are one of the keys to success.

I hope you will all enjoy long and successful business relationships with Turkey in the future. My teams and I will be pleased to support you in any way we can to help make that a reality.


Sir Dominick Chilcott KCMG
British Ambassador to Turkey


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